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Personal Transformation & Spiritual Awakening

Self-Mastery for Personal & Professional Excellence

No mountain's too hard to climb when you're properly equipped!

Every Journey begins with a Single Step . . . begin Your Journey into Self-Realization Today!

"Teaching & Mentoring is the most direct way to make a difference in someone's life"


- Our Special Focus -

Personal Transformation

Creative Mind Development

Integrative- Natural Medicine

Spiritual Growth & Development

Entrepreneur-Management Training /Consultation

Evolutionary - Conscious Relationships & Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sciences & Healing Arts


We offer personal training, coaching, and consulting that synthesizes psychology, philosophy, spirituality, growth technology, creativity, and self-actualization. We employ the ancient wisdom combined with cutting edge technology and models of human nature, mind sciences, practical development, self-mastery, relationship dynamics, creativity, coaching, consulting and education.

Human development through self-mastery is our specialty and passion! We work only through holistic models that keep the mind-body-spirit fully intact and integrated as a means of self-creation, self-expression, and self-actualization that grows and evolves us at the soul level.


Bridging Art, Science, and Spirit through Integrated Learning, Healing and Transformational Growth that Evolves the Soul.

"Scientific and Intuitive Exploration of Creative Power and Integrated Healing as Spiritual Knowledge that's Applied at the Practical Level".

"That which is above, is like that which is below, that which is below is like that which is above for the operations of the wonders of the One thing".

- Hermes Trismegistus -



- Visionary Art -

Ideal for Home or Office to Inspire the Imagination

The Journey by Linda Gadbois

"The Journey"

Available in Giclee' prints

by: Linda Gadbois



Are you . . . .

  • Tired of struggling to make things happen?

  • Can't seem to figure out why your life's not working?

  • Do you know why you attract the people, situations and circumstances that you do?

  • Don't know where to look to get valuable information on developing "Personal Skills?"

  • Have a desire to take back control of your own health and life, but not sure how to?

Do You Have a Desire to . . . .

  • Actively participate in creating your own life with a sense of intention & direction?

  • Discover your sense of purpose and calling in life?

  • Experience the freedom of creativity within your own life?

  • Reinvent yourself to BE the person you choose to BE instead of just ending up the way you are.

  • Raise your moral standards and expectations.

  • Develop the potential of your mind for enhancing your everyday experiences.

Take Action Today and experience the Benefits . . . . 

  • Master how you use your mind to create your personal experiences.

  • Master the "Creative Process" of your own life.

  • Develop the interpersonal skills to cultivate self-confidence and nurture your Self-Esteem.

  • Discover the freedom of Creative Expression by becoming an excellent communicator.

  • Transform your belief systems into ones that support and naturally facilitate your personal  and Spiritual growth.

  • Transform your emotions and learn to use them as tools of motivation that will compel you towards your dreams.

  • Master the Art of consciously Creating.

  • Release energetic patterns held in your body that are inhibiting your healing process and your ability to manifest your full potential.


Then our services are what you need!

Make the Commitment to begin Creating Your own Life with a Sense of Intention and Purpose!

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How to Think Creatively - Training your Mind

with Dr. Linda

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Unique Services and Opportunities we Offer:

Personal Services

All of our services are developmental in nature and serve to empower you at the personal level.  They are designed to give you tools and practical skills for using your Mind in much more effective ways to begin consciously creating your life with a sense of purpose and Destiny.  Transformational skills on "how to" become the person you were born to be.


Personal Growth & Transformation

Personal growth is about engaging in the process necessary to become the best you can be by actualizing your full potential by intentionally pursuing your life's purpose and actively co-creating your destiny.

Personal Transformation is a conscious act of self-development achieved through mastery of your own Mind-Body System.

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a complementary and creative form of Natural Medicine that works from the holistic perspective of mind, body, and spirit through organic processes that unify all three aspects of the whole, returning the self to a balanced state of health, well-being, and a sense of inner harmony.

It keeps you empowered in your own life by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make and maintain life-style changes that transform illness and disease by removing the cause, and act as the most natural form of preventative medicine by "creating health".

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Evolutionary (Conscious) Relationships & Sacred Sexuality

This is one of the most important areas of our life in terms of fulfillment and personal growth, and yet is often the one we have the least amount of training and guidance in.

Our services are designed to teach skills on "how to" create meaningful and loving relationships that nourish you at the soul level by facilitating growth and personal evolution while healing unconscious tendencies brought out through the nature of "relationships" themselves.

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The Art of Conscious Dying - "The Magnificent Journey"

Death is a natural part of life, yet in our modern Western culture we've been taught to fear death, and consider discussing it a form of taboo. Because of this, very few people have a good idea about what happens at death, and what process we undergo as a powerful means of ultimate transformation from a physical existence to a purely spiritual one.

Our services are designed to teach and help you prepare for, and assist you through the actual "experience" of death itself and how to maneuver through the realms of the afterlife in a conscious, courageous and deliberate manner.


Professional Services



Innovative  Management  Services for Healthcare Practitioners

Entrepreneur Training & Development, Business Development and Creative Strategies"

Our services are geared towards HealthCare Professionals, Healing Arts Practitioners, Psychologists, Educators and Trainers, Consultants, and Creative Professions who are building Private Practices as Small Businesses that have a desire for excellence in their field. 

We provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a savvy business Entrepreneur while designing a practice that will allow optimal operations and excellent delivery of services, while simultaneously cultivating quality of life for all professionals involved. We then provide ongoing coaching and Mentoring for continued support and situational advice.

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Business/Management Skills

"Custom Training, Advising, Coaching & Mentoring"

We provide Management Skills in Developing, Supervising and Organizing People.  Skills for developing highly effective training programs, protocol and procedures that ensure the highest level of efficiency while developing their ability to think in new and creative ways.  We help you maximize performance through effective team-building that perfects the area of operations that you have the greatest control over that offers the greatest financial benefit -  staffing, turn-over and payroll.  The most beneficial thing you can do to ensure your own success, is provide your people with the resources necessary to perform at a higher level of excellence. 

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Happy staff

Professional Development

"Excellence is a State-of-Mind"

We offer various levels of creative / psychological Education and Mentoring for Self-Mastery, Empowerment and Personal Excellence.  We also offer training and skill development for Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners who are also Entrepreneurs, as well as all levels of Management training in regards to Human Development, Organizational Systems and Structure, Creative Strategy, and Practice Growth & Development.

Personal Development, Style, and Performance Excellence

Advanced Communication Skills

Psychological / Behavioral Skills

Creativity and Innovation - Developing your Genius!
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Featured Articles:

Personal Transformation “The Journey back into Your Self”

What is Karma, and how do you recognize it?

Understanding Destiny – The Universal Language of Archetypes

Understanding the Laws that Govern the Mind: We act to Recreate People in our own Image and with our Likeness

Our State of Mind or Mood, Determines our Behavior as our Performance

Business Psychology: Understanding the Power of Emotions - Emotions are Altered States that Produce Realities

Business Psychology: Attitude Determines Perception and Approach - Viewing “Mistakes” as Training Opportunities

The Nature of a Paradigm Shift “Altering your State as a shift in Vibratory Frequency”

A New Paradigm for Health and Wellness – “Changing our Attitude and Approach”



Blogs: Daily Self-Reflection

Body-Consciousness – “Learning to listen to what your Body’s telling you”

Spiritual Sciences: Brief Explanation of Laws - The Monad

Observing Your Own Tendencies

Feelings Produce Corresponding Realities

We are the Creators of our Own Experiences

Creativity as the Basis for Transformation- “Changing how we Perceive Change”



There's nothing more powerful than a purpose driven life that propelled by passion and a love for the work itself!

The greatest art form there is is that of self-creation that forms the life of our dreams as a natural expression!

life purpose consultation

Numerological & Archetypal Birth Chart with Interactive Interpretation for Soul Recognition and Self-Actualization:

Mapped & Interpreted by:
Dr. Linda Gadbois

Schedule your Consultation!

Life Purpose Consultation

Self-Knowledge is the key to personal power that provides the basis for growth and ultimate fulfillment. All conscious forms of creation require a vision or composition that is used to intentionally and purposefully self-create.  In order to self-express we have to have a conscious recognition of our soul’s potential and capacity for self-expression. 

Your Archetypal Matrix will help you discover:

  • Soul's Purpose

  • Soul's Latent Potential

  • Talents, Gifts, Special Abilities

  • Sense of Destiny

  • Life Path

  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Karma

  • Soul's Special Design for Expression


Q & A about Mind / Soul Sciences:

What is the "Mind"?

What is Sacred Psychology?

What is Positive Psychology?

What does the Fibonacci Spiral or Golden Mean Show us?

What are Fractal Patterns?

What are the Differences between Hypnosis and Guided Meditation?




"Hypnosis for Relaxation"   

with:  Dr. Linda Gadbois

By learning different forms of Self-Hypnosis we can gain control of our own mind by intentionally inducing states-of-mind as well as conditioning our mind as a way of personal development by releasing emotional reactions and acquiring empowering beliefs that we chose to employ.

More information on Hypnosis


Light and the Beauty of Color - warm and sensuous

Beautiful colors shift our state-of-mind and stimulate emotions that color our perceptions with the same feeling quality. Beauty inspires feelings that are of a loving nature that fill us with a sense of contentment.


What is:

Positive Psychology?

Sacred Psychology?

Spiritual/Esoteric Sciences?




NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


Energy Dynamics?

Shamanic Arts?

How to Select the Proper:

Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Consultant or Energy Therapy Practitioner:

Client/ Therapist Work

Seminars/ Classes/ Workshops

Coaching/ Mentoring

Private Training

Energy Work/ Practitioner

Specialized knowledge and its practical application is one of the few transfiguring powers in life. It's the power that's been taught by the masters throughout history.

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens. Not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life; a positive attitude causes a chain-reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It's a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results within ordinary circumstances!


Beauty of the Cosmos - "Micro - Macro"


Aurora Borealis


Mona Kao - Observatory on the Big Island

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant.  But it's very important that you do it."

- Gandhi

"We are a way for the Universe to know Itself.  Some part of our Being knows this is where we came from, and we long to return.  And, we can, because the cosmos is also within us.  We are made of star stuff."

- Carl Sagan

"The deep emotional conviction of the presence of Superior Reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible Universe, forms my idea of God."

- Albert Einstein


"In each of us are heroes;  speak to them and they will come forth."

- Anonymous


"Somewhere . . .

  Something Incredible is waiting to be known"

-Carl Sagan

"People may forget your name, what you said, or what you have accomplished, but they will always remember how you made them feel"


"What you are experiencing in this very moment is the culmination of everything you have agreed to believe ."

-Ray Dodd


Featured Fine Art Print:

Power and Grace

"Power and Grace"

by: Linda Gadbois

Original Acrylic on Canvas: 24 " x 30 "

Available in Giclee' prints

visit: Art Gallery


Mystic Moon

"Mystic Moon "

by: Linda Gadbois

Original Acrylic on Canvas: 36 " x 60 "

Available in Giclee' prints

visit:  Art Gallery





Few people realize that if they were to change their current attitude, thoughts, and actions & redirect the same energy towards the achievement of worthwhile goals, they would inevitably become successful at whatever they pursued. 

All invention and creation - everything that exists began in the imagination. Your imagination can be thought of as a preview of what is to come. By focusing your attention on something, you activate it and begin developing it. The first step to developing your mind is through mastering mental imagery.

The only way to mastery is to master your own mind, your own attitude and your own life direction. Thoughts with feeling become experiences. Experiences shape our reality. Our internal reality is projected onto the environment and becomes the  experience of our life circumstances, situations, relationships, and other people . . .  it determines how we internalize and interpret information to give it meaning. The "Meaning" . . . . .  shapes and colors our experiences. We are truly meaning generating machines! A basic feature of our unique design.

Art has some of the most beneficial effects on healing than any other medium. This is because the unconscious mind perceives through feelings, emotions, symbolic imagery, colors, shapes and textures that it uses to create reality by composing internal images.

Art is an important part of our daily lives and greatly enhances our experience of living. We should be conscious of our environment, how it creates feeling sensations, moods, stimulates imagination and facilitates productive "states of mind."

Incorporating Art into your environment stimulates your imagination, increases mental activity and brain function, creates a feeling of relaxation and general "well being." Beautiful Natural scenes, touching and sensuous images of benevolence, or inspiring impressions of magnificence . . . .  produces positive emotions which naturally inspires a "State of Mind" out of which something extraordinary becomes ordinary.

Colors have an immediate effect on the unconscious mind which regulates mood and forms motivation, or a lack of it. Bright colors, rich tones, deep hues can be used intentionally to set the energetic quality of the room. Whether it's done with wall color, artwork, furnishings, drapery or carpeting. Also, light plays a key factor in positive, upbeat, alert moods, or relaxed, calm, peaceful moods. Colors can excite the mind, or tranquilize it. They can make you feel good, or feel sad and depressed.

Some colors promote healing and higher consciousness, some enhance creativity and imagination, some energize and increase productivity. Colors can be happy, bubbly, depressing, soothing or invigorating . . . . .  Notice the colors in your environment, how they feel, what mood it puts you in, and design your environment for the quality of energy you desire.

Wheat Ridge , CO . . . at the foot of the Great Rocky Mountains

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